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A Tour of Japan Through the Lens of an Urban Explorer

Canadian photographer Chris Luckhardt (featured previously) travels the world in search of adventure and exploration. He specializes in documenting abandoned places and his travels through visual storytelling. His work has been featured on ABC News, The Weather Channel, MSN, The Daily Mail,

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This Abandoned Nursing Home In Upstate New York Will Give You The Creeps

There are plenty of urban explorers out there who are constantly investigating new and bizarre places and uncovering the weirdest things. However, very few of them match up with the skills of an anonymous explorer who goes by the nickname Freaktography. While there are so many photo sets of his

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These Theaters Were Once Grand…Now They’re Decaying, But Still Striking

It’s always a huge shame when beloved theaters are shut down and forgotten. My city’s favorite old movie theater closed its doors for the last time when I was a teenager and was quickly replaced by a rug gallery, which made everyone a little sad. We all mourned the loss and moved on with our

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