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Cheap Strobist / Off-Camera Flash Photography Equipment – Buyers Guide – CamCrunch

Gear Guide: This is a little tutorial on the equipment that you need to get started with off camera flash work or strobist. All of the equipment is very affordable, especially when you consider how much it can affect your photography. A small investment for priceless images. Light Stand:

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Strobist, Flash Photography, BTS with Kylee, Springbok Designs

Be sure to “like” my page on Facebook to see more images – This is a BTS video from my first shoot with Kylee. We had a great session, got lots of killer photos. All in all it was a perfect shoot. I shot the whole video with the new GoPro Hero 2. I shot this for fun, negative comments will be

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Zack Arias Flash Photography – 5 Min Portrait

I got to spend the day with Zack Arias when he held his OneLight workshop at my studio/apartment. What an amazing teacher, photographer and person. This guy is all about teaching, doing better and passing on the knowledge. After a long 17 hour day I asked Zack if he would be able to do a 5 min

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