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Powerful Tattoos Expose Symptoms of ‘Invisible Illnesses’ For All To See

Dealing with a chronic illness can be pretty tough.However, dealing with a sickness that no one else can see can be even harder. There are lots of people who have invisible conditions and disabilities that have no outward symptoms.Since these people dont necessarily look sick, they often suffer

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Photographer Documents His Own Depression In Dark Self-Portraits

Different people have different ways of coping with depression, and for Edward Honaker, that coping mechanism is his self-portrait photography. His photos turn his depression into something that can be seen and, hopefully, better understood. The 21-year-old photographer was diagnosed with

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Photographer Documents Husband’s Depression In Intimate Photo Series

‘The Sea That Surrounds Us’ is a project by photographer Maureen Drennan that documents her husband’s battle with depression and her own battle to understand it. The name of the project is taken from a line from a love poem by Pablo Neruda called Night on the Island, a title that reflects the

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