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15+ Mind-Bending Photos by Chema Madoz That Will Make You Look Twice

A few years ago, we featured Spanish photographer Chema Madoz and his surreal, black and white photos. Born in 1958, and with several collections to his name, Madoz is famously coy about his pictures’ aim, even when asked directly: “The fact is that I dont give any thought to the reaction theyll

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These 14 Simple Objects Will Make You Stare And Still Totally Blow Your Mind. I’m Baffled.

Optical illusions are such fun because, even if you know your eyes are being fooled, they are fooled anyway. It’s a wonderful feeling, to get lost in an illusion. That’s why, as a kid, Eye Spy books were the best. A talented artist by the name of Josh Sommers created some optical illusions that

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