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Picture of the Day: Let’s Ride Dog

LET’S RIDE DOG Photograph by ALEX GAGE Website | Flickr | Twitter Posted earlier this week to Flickr’s official Facebook page, this candid capture by Alex Gage of A Good Eye Photography, shows a dog sitting like a human as him and his owner cruise down Bond Street in London. The drool, the

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Golden Retriever Champ: Probably the Happiest Dog In The World

Candice Sedighan and her golden retriever Champ is what you can call a real dream team! 20-year-old photographer needs no other model when her dog has enough patience to sit still and pose even with a live butterfly on his nose. Candice got Champ from her dad back when she was 9, but it wasn’t

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She May Not Look Like Her Siblings, But That Doesn’t Bother This Little Pig One Bit

We’re all familiar with the movie ‘Babe,’ the Oscar-winning film about a pig who was raised to be a sheepdog, and while Olive the pig doesn’t herd any sheep, she definitely thinks she’s a pup. Why? Well, she’s grown up with three best doggie friends. Olive was adopted by a couple who own a farm

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