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This Australian Photographer Is Out To Prove You’re Not As Ugly As You Feel.

‘Perception is my reality and this is where I am forever trapped. Or am I free?’ says Sebastian Petrovski, an Australian photographer about his heavily philosophical photo series about beauty and our perception of it. He told lostateminor that the reason he made the series was because he was

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Photographer Turns Real Mushrooms Into Glowing Fantasy Lands

Who says that fantasy worlds are just for the realms of fiction? Photographer and outdoor sports enthusiast Martin Pfister has found a creative way to shoot these elegant and strange fungi – he illuminates them from behind with tiny LED bulbs to give them an ethereal, magical glow! Pfister’s

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Art of The Photographer: Your Global Guide to Photography, Travel & Adventure

For Limited and Private Viewing Only. Here’s a sneak peek at our latest documentary production. It’s called ‘Art of the Photographer, with Michael Yamashita, the legendary photographer for the National Geographic Magazine. Hosted by Emmy Award winning journalist Farland Chang, this program is

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These Theaters Were Once Grand…Now They’re Decaying, But Still Striking

It’s always a huge shame when beloved theaters are shut down and forgotten. My city’s favorite old movie theater closed its doors for the last time when I was a teenager and was quickly replaced by a rug gallery, which made everyone a little sad. We all mourned the loss and moved on with our

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