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100 Women Reveal What’s Underneath Their Clothes To Fight Beauty Stereotypes

‘Underneath We Are Women’ is an amazing photo book which fights the stereotypes of women’s beauty. Created by Australian photographer Amy D Herrman, the book’s main goal is ‘to educate thousands’ by featuring 100 women, 100 bodies, 100 stories and showing their endless diversity. In the book,

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Mother Takes Inspiring Photos Of Her Beautiful One-Handed Daughter

This loving mother, Holly Spring, took up photography after her daughter had struggled early on in life with Hirschsprung’s Disease and no left hand. She wants to show her daughter that there are no limits to what she can achieve if she just believes in herself. ‘My daughter is my muse and my

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This Man Took A Polaroid Every Day For 18 Years Until The Day He Died, And It’ll Break Your Heart

Jamie Livingston is sadly no longer with us, but his incredibly intimate photography project will ensure that he’ll never be forgotten. Show Full Text The project began on March 31st 1979, when the native New Yorker (and then college student) took a single photograph. He then took a picture

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Action Figures Come To Life In Stunning Images By Japanese Photographer

Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi plays with his action toys and uses photography to tell their entertaining stories. Osaka-based Hot.kenobi creates a universe where box office rivals DC and Marvel comics (sometimes Disney’s Star Wars as well) not only battle each other, but also have some fun in

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This Couple Had The Best Compromise And Went With A ‘Two-Face’ Wedding Cake

When a comic book buff and his fiancée got married, they decided to treat their guests to a ‘Two-Face’ wedding cake that would satisfy both the superhero fan in him, as well as her wish for something traditional. Decorated with confectionery roses and pearls, the couple’s wedding cake looks

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1950s Hong Kong Captured In Street Photography By Fan Ho

I Photograph Strangers On The Streets And Doodle Over Them

I take pictures of unsuspecting people and then add sketches using Snapchat. Most of the snaps are created on the way to work or at the bus. I often sketch ideas and funny situations in Snapchat before choosing the one I like the best. I really enjoy creating these snaps because I have to think

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