These Theaters Were Once Grand…Now They’re Decaying, But Still Striking

It’s always a huge shame when beloved theaters are shut down and forgotten. My city’s favorite old movie theater closed its doors for the last time when I was a teenager and was quickly replaced by a rug gallery, which made everyone a little sad. We all mourned the loss and moved on with our

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Picture of the Day: Rainbow-Coloured Stairs in Beirut

Rainbow-Coloured Stairs in Beirut


Artwork and Photography by DIHZAHYNERS

Art collective Dihzahyners painted this set of stairs in Beirut, Lebanon last June. The 73 steps took 7 hours to paint. For those in Beirut, you can check out the stairs located on Mark Mikhael street. For more colourful projects and inspiration be sure to check out their active page on Facebook.

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This Makes All Other Pictures Of Food Look Boring. It’s Deliciously Creative.

No, these photographs aren’t just beautiful and tastefully arranged pictures of food (although they are making me a little hungry). They are tiny dioramas set up and photographed by two artists named Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida. The two photographers have always been drawn to food photography

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