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Famous Street Photography

He without a past has no future. Famous Street Photography My suggestion: today’s social media, Instagram world of photography is over saturated with (many) great photographers. However, who knows whether their work will last, or it is just trendy? Great street photographers never die. The real

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Designer Dad Illustrates The Weirdest Things He Has Actually Said To His Kids

Nathan Ripperger, a U.S. designer and video producer, has come up with a hilarious way to catalog the bizarre and hilarious conversations one can have when raising children. His series of posters, called Things I’ve Said To My Children, shares some of the fantastic things that Ripperger has had to say to his children with us all. [Read more]

On his Etsy shop, Ripperger explains the idea behind the posters: These posters[] feature a phrase that I believe the only reason they left my mouth was [due] to my children. The warm colors and textures of Ripperger’s designs, as well as the completely inexplicable phrases, will bring a smile to your face. After the posters became popular, Ripperger began selling prints of them on his Etsy shop.

It seems like raising kids encourages parents to be creative. Photographers Jason Lee, Emil Nystrom, and Dave Engledow have all created awesome artwork based on parental life, as has creative momma and artist Queenie Liao.

Source: Etsy | Flickr


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25 Useful Mac Hacks And Tips You Should Be Using Today

For some of us using a Mac is natural. Its like having another arm or leg. For others it’s a bit more complicated. We all know someone who thinks Mac is synonymous with utter chaos masked in sleek perfection. No matter what category you fall into, however, you will surely find this list of 25 Mac Hacks and Tips helpful, or perhaps even amusing. And if you know someone that could also benefit from these mac hacks, be sure to show them this list.

25. Hot corners

Hot corners allows you to designate some sort of event that should take place when you scroll your mouse into one of the four corners of your screen. For example, you can set it up so that when you place your mouse in the bottom left your computer will go to sleep. This is one of those features that is hard to live without once you get used to it. You can configure hot corners in Expose and Spaces under System Preferences.

24. Spaces

Spaces almost goes hand in hand with hot corners. This feature allows you to split your desktop into multiple screens and is very useful for multitasking. It can be configured on the same screen as hot corners.

23. Change command button to control

For many new Mac users this can be the hardest thing to adjust to. For those of you struggling with this, we bring you good news its very easy to remap the control button to function as the command button. Go to System Preferences Keyboard & Mouse. On this screen select Modifier Keys which will allow you to remap the functionality of the most important keys on your keyboard, including command and control.

22. Safari Debugger

Although Safari probably doesn’t have as good of a rep as some other browsers, it still packs a lot of power. One of the coolest hidden features is the very useful debugger. In order to activate it type this command into your terminal: defaults write IncludeDebugMenu YES

21. Gimp

Although it has features like iPhoto, Mac doesn’t come with any advanced photography editing tools like Photoshop. The good thing is that there are a lot of free alternatives out there, the best beingGimp. Because it is open source there are even some hacks that make it function almost exactly like photoshop.

20. Textmate

If you need something more than TextEdit thenTextmatemay do the trick. Designed especially for developers this is a powerful platform that extends Apple’s approach to operating systems into text editors.

19. Invert screen colors

Not many people know about his trick, but if you want to see your Mac invert its screen colors hold downCtrl-Option-Cmd-8on the keyboard.

18. Slow motion windows

Normally when you minimize a window by clicking on the yellow button it zooms to the bottom of your screen. If you’re really bored one of these days try doing it while holding down the shift button. Hey, it might not get you a girlfriend but its still cool.

17. Quick Look Expanded

Quicklook is one of those features that really sets a Mac apart. You don’t even have to open the file to read what’s inside. As unbelievable as it may seem there are somepluginsout there that can make it even better.

16. Maximize screen zoom

One of the biggest complaints by new Mac users (after no right-click) is the behavior of the zoom button (the green button in the top left corner). It acts nothing like its Windows counterpart. There are severalpluginsout there that will force it to behave more like the maximize button in Windows.

15. Activity monitor in dock

By using this tool you gain similar functionality to the task manager in Windows. It is a good idea to add this item to your dock because it will take on some extra functionality. Its icon will actually display a pie chart of memory use and if you want to force quit applications it will provide you with a lot of extra information about processes you have running.

14. Screen Dim

If you travel a lot or you just want to conserve your battery life you may like the fact that your Mac automatically dims the screen to save your batteries. Sometimes this can be annoying, however, and it can be changed by going to System Preferences Energy Saver and selecting the options for battery.

13. VLC

As far as media players are concernedVLCis one of the best you can get for your Mac. All you have to do is download it. It is completely free and it will play almost anything, including your DVDs.

12. Songbird

Although iTunes is the default music player for Mac many people prefer using something else.Songbirdis one such opensource alternative that will give you myriad of features to manage all of your music files.

11. Sketchbox

As cool as the Mac stickies are there is a lot of room for improvement.Sketchboxallows you to upgrade your stickies functionality to add drawings, set individual reminders, or even use them as an alarm clock.

10. Built in dictionary

This is one of the coolest features on Mac and arguably another reason to use native programs like Safari. This is because as long as you are in Cocoa applications (things like Safari and TextEdit that are native to Mac) you can pressCtrl-Cmd-Dwhile hovering your mouse over a word and you will receive the dictionary definition.

9. Thunderbird

If you are having trouble using the default mail application on Mac thenThunderbirdmay be a viable alternative. It was developed by the Mozilla team so if you are used to using Firefox it should be relatively easy to pick up.

8. Carbon Copy Cloner

Making a copy of your hard drive is fairly important as anyone whose computer has crashed will tell you andCarbon Copy Cloneris one of the best applications to help you with this.

7. Transmission

This is one of the best bit torrents for Mac. Its lightweight and because it is also open source you don’t have to worry about anyone playing games with you to get your money. Not only this but it works great and was styled to fit right into the Mac GUI.

6. Open-with defaults

If you are tired of always specifying what program to use to open files of the same type do this: open one of the files and click get info. This will bring up a lot of information about the file so find the section that says open with. Select the program you want to use and then press Change All. From now on every file of this type will open with that program.

5. Log in items

If your Mac is taking a long time to boot one way of speeding it up is to decrease the number of applications that open immediately after you log in. You can do this by going to System Preferences Accounts and selecting Login Items.

4. Custom Dock

The dock is one of those features unique to Mac that people either love or hate. Since Mac doesn’t really give people many options when it comes to customization there are a lot of plugins and hacks out there to accomplish this. One plugin that works well isCandybar. It gives you a wide variety of styling options and lets you customize your dock fairly easily.

3. Right click

This has been the bane of many a person’s existence who has made the switch from PC to Mac. The fact of the matter though, is that it shouldn’t be a problem. Mac actually does support right-clicking as long as you enable it. You can do this by going to System Preferences Trackpad.

2. Mouse tracking speed

The reason mouse tracking feels different on Mac than PC is because it doesn’t accelerate. One way to adjust for this is to turn the tracking speed all the way up to fast. (see image above)

1. Hackintosh

After such a long list of amazing things you can do with your Mac we know that you are probably considering turning all of your computers into Macs, including your PCs. Well, you are not the only one.Hackintoshis a project devoted to making OSX available on unsupported computers, so now you can.

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Cheap Strobist / Off-Camera Flash Photography Equipment Buyers Guide CamCrunch

Gear Guide:

This is a little tutorial on the equipment that you need to get started with off camera flash work or strobist. All of the equipment is very affordable, especially when you consider how much it can affect your photography. A small investment for priceless images.

Light Stand:

Umbrella Bracket:

Yongnuo RF602/603 Flash Triggers:

Yongnuo YN-560 Flash:






More Off Camera Flash Videos :

CAMCRUNCH videos are filmed and editted with:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR

Canon EF 24-105 f/4 IS L

Canon EF 50 f/1.8

Canon EF 17-40 F/4 L

Zoom H1 Recorder

CamerCanon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch

Adobe Premier Pro

Flash 101: Cheap Off Camera Flash Strobist Photography Equipment Buyers Guide

Flash 101: Cheap Off Camera Flash Strobist Photography Equipment Buyers Guide

Flash 101: Cheap Off Camera Flash Strobist Photography Equipment Buyers Guide

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17-Year-Old Climbed NYC’s Tallest Building And Took These Incredible Photos

Back in September of 2012, it was reported that 432 Park Avenue, upon its completion, would bethe tallest building in New York City.

Over the last couple years, the building has become one of the most talked about structures in New York City, next to the Freedom Tower.

It has also become closer and closer to being finished, which means some of the wealthiest people will be able to purchase the $85 million penthouse.

The rest of us will just have to admire it from below Unless we’re willing to take matters into our own hands, like Demind Lebedev. The 17-year-old has had Instagram buzzing ever since he climbed to the top of the building.

That’s right, despite the construction site being strictly off-limits to the public, Lebedev decided to see for himself what an $85 million view looks like.

According to Gizmodo, the 17-year-old daredevil took a break from his usual photography to capture something a bit more breathtaking.

Check out the photos Lebedev posted on Instagram while daringly standing approximately 1,379 feet above NYC!

H/T: Gizmodo, Photos Courtesy:Demid Lebedev

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How Wave Photographer Clark Little Got His Big Break

Getting tossed around by shorebreak and slammed into the sand day after day is a rough go; Clark Little wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, for the North Shore local, it’s all in a good day’s work. But the Waimea addict didn’t grow up snapping shots with his father’s camera like so many photographers do. He instead set out to capture his longtime stomping grounds when his wife came home with a framed photograph of Waimea shorebreak, an image he figured he would be able to easily replicate.

Having never owned a camera, he threw a cheap waterproof casing over a cheaper point-and-shoot and headed out to the beach. Since that first attempt, Clark has not only emulated his wife’s purchased wall art, but – with a gallery in Haleiwa and international recognition – has become a heavily respected fixture of wave photography.

Video courtesy of The Inertia (thanks for sharing Markus Z!).

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Lightroom 6 / CC Tutorial Quick Start Guide

Basic Part 1 In this video tutorial I show you how to get started quickly with Lightroom CC.

This Lightroom Tutorial for beginners will help you become better a photo editing and is brought to you by:

In this Video you will learn:

How to Import Photos Into Lightroom

How to do a basic edit in Lightroom

How to export a photo in Lightroom



Part 1 Lightroom Quick Start Guide


Part 1 Library Module basics

Part 2 Collections


Part 1 Basic Panel

Part 2 Crop tool

Part 3 Tone Curve

Part 4 HDR Merge

Part 5 Selective Color

Part 6 Amazing Skies

Part 7 HSL

Part 8 Radial Filter

Part 9 Spot Removal


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Lightroom Effects

Lightroom 6 Tutorial

Lightroom CC Tutorial

Lightroom CC For beginners

Lightroom Tutorials for beginners

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