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The Five Men Accused Of A Horrific Mumbai Gang Rape Have Reportedly Raped Two Other Women

View this image ‘ Danish Siddiqui / Reuters One of the five suspects arrested in the gang rape of a 22-year-old photojournalist in Mumbai reportedly told the police that the gang has committed similar crimes before and gotten away with them. They had allegedly raped a rag picker and a sex

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Community Post: Trayvon Martin, Kim Kardashian Tweet By Fake Will Smith Blows Up Twitter

A case of double mistaken identity involving not one, not two, but three Will Smiths created an uproar on Twitter. The culprit? A lowercase letter ‘i’ and uppercase letter ‘L,’ coupled with simultaneous uses of serif and sans serif fonts. Let’s get jiggy wit it, and solve this MIB-style. On

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Hidden Mothers: Spooky Photographs of Victorian Babies Held by Their Mothers

Have you ever had difficulties trying to get a baby to sit down and pose for a picture? It’s a huge headache now, but it was even harder for mothers in the Victorian era, when camera technology made posing for photographs difficult. These weird photos will show you how these mothers got their

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