Link25 (067) – The Clumsy Dogs Edition

Are you ready? It’s been an entire week since our last Link25 and we know you’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment. As always we come to you with 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. This week features everything from the laziest cat fight in the world to the first acapella roller coaster ride ever. So whatever you do you’ll be glad you didn’t miss Link25 (067) – The Clumsy Dogs Edition.

25. How The Sun Works

Just in case you’ve ever wondered how the sun works, this presentation by Henry Reich will clear things up for you.





19. Freakishly Realistic Portrait Paintings

Who needs a camera when your painting skills are better than photography? Korean artist Kang-hoon Kang creates large-scaled oil on canvas portraits that look way too real […]




13. Spectacular Wooden Churches From Russia

In Mother Russia, wood is an important resource for survival and life… well, at least in the old days that is. For over a thousand years, almost everything was made from the strong trees in the country. These included houses, mills […]





7. Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Franchises Visualized by Longevity and Success

Visual agency Column Five has taken the Forbes’s list of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world and done with it what they do best, visualize it. The interactive piece lays teams out on axes of championships […]




1. Top 10 Riots Of All Time

Riots are rather ugly affairs. They show human beings in some of their worst behavior. Rioters try to make a point by killing, raping, looting and destroying property. Probably not the […]

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