25 Incredible Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It’s all too easy to focus on the worst sides of humanity. Scrolling through your Facebook feed can feel like digging through the dregs of society with the amount of sad stories clogging your view. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your fellow man just yet.

Though they may appear in headlines less often, the simplest acts of understanding, sympathy, or just a little patience can make all the difference for people you pass by in your day. In celebration of World Kindness Day, we’d like to remind you of stories featuring selfless compassion that have touched our hearts. From small gestures to life-changing contributions, these deeds will definitely inspire you to pay it forward.

1. This admirable police officer who bought breakfast for a homeless man.

2. This guy who spent an afternoon paying for strangers’ groceries.

3. The man who sat next to an inquisitive young autistic girl on a flight and couldn’t have been happier to talk with her the whole time.

4. This McDonald’s employee who didn’t bat an eye when an elderly man requested his assistance with his food.

5. The residents of a town in Oklahoma who made sure their overheated mail carriers stayed hydrated in the summer.

6. The sandwich shop that reached out to the homeless person who rummaged through their garbage with the offer of a real meal.

7. The woman who offered help to a new mother to keep her baby calm on a long flight.

8. The anonymous man who decided to brighten drive-thru customers’ Monday by buying their lunch.

9. This man who made all the difference for a homeless single father.

10. This entire community in Peru who came together to provide much-needed TLC to an elderly homeless man.

11. This police officer not only let a woman who was speeding on her way to see her dying mother go with just a warning, but then sent her flowers in condolence.

12. The mom who took $5 and made it grow to help her neighborhood paper man.

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13. This waitress who was given a series of life-changing tips from her patrons.

14. The woman who was inspired to help little girls going through chemotherapy feel as beautiful as a Disney princess.

15. This waiter who refused to ignore a customer’s rudeness toward another diner with special needs.

16. This group of nurses who serenaded a special patient with her favorite song.

17. This barber who got down on the same level as a little boy with autism to give him his first real haircut.

18. This woman who went to lengths to gather the team of medical staff who saved her son’s life and give them the thank you they deserve.

19. The bone marrow donor who shared a special dance with his recipient at her wedding.

20. The surgeon who knows it takes more than just medicine to help heal a patient.

21. The police officer who made sure a Halloween prank ended on a happy note for an autistic teen.

22. This man on the Chicago CTA who left a surprise in a homeless man’s pocket before getting off at his stop.

23. This young man who was happy to hold hands with a special needs passenger sitting next to him on the bus.

24. This fast-food employee who gave a helping hand to one of his regular customers.

25. The group of teens who provided coffee and donuts for hardworking nurses.

Think of all the people you see on a daily basis and how much they would appreciate even a simple good deed. We’re all living on this planet together, so we might as well make an effort to be kind to each other.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/world-kindness-day/

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