Porcelain Metamorphosis by Martin Klimas

Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS

When cheap, cut-rate porcelain figurines hit the ground they shatter. Photographer Martin Klimas captures this transformative and fleeting moment right before their demise. The juxtaposition of the figurine’s imminent destruction and their stoic face makes for a very striking capture.

Martin calls these ‘temporary sculptures’. It takes countless attempts and he only uses one photograph for each figurine. He is looking for the one capture that best expresses a transformation of the figurine into a new form. For more information be sure to visit Martin’s official website: http://www.martin-klimas.de/. For additional information on the photographic process, this PDF on his site has a great interview with Martin.


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Photograph by MARTIN KLIMAS


Martin Klimas Official Site

– First spotted on Kottke.org and PetaPixel

Read more: http://twistedsifter.com/2012/02/porcelain-metamorphosis-high-speed-photography-martin-klimas/

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