A Momentary Eternity

A Momentary Eternity

Alejandro Medina

Most of us tend to think that dreams are entirely fictitious. However, it is curious to consider, that as proposed by psychologist Sigmund Freud, dreams are based on real experiences. When dreaming our minds simply play with different fragments of our lives, rearranging and changing details in them to create spaces and events that appear unrecognizable.

Freud proposed that since our hearts start beating and our minds begin to wonder, all of the moments we experience stay permanently recorded in us. And although we might not clearly remember all instances, all moments are embodied deep in us for “eternity.”

In the same way that there are some moments that we forget about when we are conscious, there are others that have a strong impact on us as individuals, and we can’t let them go. And so they constanly recur in our unconscious and become material that is to be experienced in dreams.

This series is a photographic research of these powerful moments in my day to day. Although what is photographed might appear to be somewhat insubstantial to others; the photographs represent spaces in time that have a certain magic that appeals to me. And so in a way they make me who I am. They are all moments, that for me, are worthy of being relived in dreams.

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