Agnieszka Wąsik

I decided to develop a subject which is present in almost every religion – the rebirth. According to C.G Jung, dreaming is a basic human experience relating to the reincarnation. The photographs are conceptual and visual interpretations of a text, that I have written on the basis of my own dreams.

The title of the text is “Where I have been?” and the answers are parts of my dreams, which I have written down.

The text is about one page long, so I decided to place here only a part of it:

“I was standing on the field, looking nowhere, courageously touching distinct matter. I was lying there until the spring came. People linked to each other by certain colors. I climbed an enormous peak during a whole season. I was enchanted by the power of churches and I looked for the most immense one. I was staying very close, almost touching the wall and I was looking upwards full of admiration for their predominance. Nothing more happened, because it was already covered with time. I worked as pyromaniac, my boss was fat and afraid of fire. I wrote a six-line poem in order to verify if I dreamed, supposedly I did not. I departed for vast, magnificent and chilly grassland. When I fell down on the sand, the future returned again.”

The entire work is my personal and intuitive consideration about transmigration.

dream #5

dream #9

dream #1

dream #4

dream #10

dream #6

dream #3

dream #2

dream #7

dream #8

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