The Substitute

The Substitute

Dawn Woolley

Exploring questions of femininity and gender through staged scenes that blur the lines between fantasy, desire, representation and reality.

In this series, I examine the artificiality of femininity and the strategies we employ to create the illusion of sexuality.

In my photographs, the female character is not a simulacra-but the construction of her as an idealized woman renders her artificial.

During the shoot, I arrange myself on a stage with cut-out furniture and attempt to hold the pieces in place. I struggle to maintain the position I have allocated myself-that of the object of desire.

At first glance, these images appear to fall neatly into a patriarchal sexual language that famed academic Laura Mulvey describes: a construction of sexuality that reduces the female subject to a 2-dimensional representation. But the woman is isolated in a world of her own making: she has created the fantasy of body image in order to appeal to the male gaze.

This is the female paradox: captive in the panopticon that she built around herself.

-Dawn Woolley

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